So glad Summerville has a fixed brick and mortar yoga studio...even better that it's downtown on Hutchinson Square! Prior to this, the best I could find in the area were yoga instructors doing drop-ins at coffee shops, etc...kinda random, so it's nice to now have a permanent studio in a fixed location. Lauren is great...the location is clean and inviting...the website is full featured, allowing for advanced sign up for classes, many different payment options, several different types of classes...very professional! LOVE IT!
I have great respect for Lauren as a fellow teacher and have always appreciated and enjoyed her classes. She weaves together alignment, purpose and humor for her students. She encourages them to show up to their fullest and yet be compassionate with themselves and others. It is clear that her own practice is deep and deliberate when you take her class. She’s an amazing soul with a lot of light. Love her.
I was dragged into my first yoga class with Lauren, thinking that I wouldn't like it; holy cow, was I wrong! Yoga is incredible and is for everyone! It is much more than an 'excercise class'... If you haven't yoga'd, you should try it! Lauren has the incredible ability to lead a yoga class and to tailor a yoga practice around you individually through a private lesson. The depth and diversity of Lauren's knowledge of yoga and the human body goes far beyond anyone else that I know. Building community and bringing people together is a cornerstone value of Sculpted Lotus Yoga! I'm excited to see the growth of the Sculpted Lotus Yoga studio in Summerville, SC!
I had the pleasure of practicing with Lauren & Jennifer this week at Sculpted Lotus Yoga! The classes where wonderful and the space is beautiful!!! If you have a chance to take the candlelight vinyasa don’t miss it!!! What a great addition to the Summerville Community!!! Namaste!
I loved your classes! I always felt lifted, inspired, and supported to not give up...even in my low low times... You always had some amazing, simple message that made me see things were not hopeless and that there was light to come.
I did private yoga at my office in Portland with Lauren for 5 plus years, 3-5 days a week ending 2012. It was without a doubt one of the most remarkable experiences that I ever had. She can tailor a practice for you that will gently move you past your preconceived limits. I am truly blessed to had her as teacher.
Art and Yoga with Miss Lauren sparks creativity, imagination, and mindfulness in my children. They enjoy the movement and transfer those emotions into artwork. Miss Lauren speaks their language and encourages originality and kindness. It’s not like any other class we’ve taken-I can’t recommend it enough!
Lauren put up with (and participated in) our constant joking perfectly and her practice catered to each of us personally, knowing our strengths and what needed to be worked on. She listened to our needs and knew exactly how to help us reach our goals for the day and also for the long term. Lauren was more than a teacher, she turned into a dear friend offering guidance and advice beyond just our practice. She is an exceptional person and one of the best yoga instructors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.